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Dr. & Mrs. Brewis March 2012


Rachel and Stuart  March 2012


From Polly Dryden April 2008


From Allen and Sylvia Taylor 12th January 2004


From Tony Norwood 1st September 2003


From  Colin Jackson (BBC) 8th January 2001


From Robert Page 27th March 2000


From Angela and Bruce Singleton 16th March 1999


Rebecca Chitty 25th November 1997


From Barry 6th May 1997


From Victoria, Dominic, James and Thomas Hickie 4th February 1997



This site is Sample Tours and Boats, more information being added all the time so if you can't find the tour you want then contact Ania Mudrewicz   by E-mail:- info@galapagoscruises.co.uk at Galapagos Classic Cruises. The Web Site is in the process of being updated and reconstructed.  Other destinations apart from Galapagos are:  Amazon, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, South Africa, Fiji, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Turkey, Arctic and Antarctica.