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The Arctic and North Atlantic islands and coastlines offer some of the finest scenery and wildlife in the world. From the British Isles to the High Arctic there are enormous colonies of seabirds, superb whale watching areas and a rich and varied marine wildlife, including Polar bears, seals and walruses. These remote and sparsely populated regions have been important areas in the development of the human race over the last 5000 years and there are many unique prehistoric and historic sites, such as the remains of the whaling industry.

 Our small designed expedition ships journey north from May to August taking full advantage of the long daylight hours during the northern summer and with the weather being relatively mild you will also have the chance to also see the emerging fauna and flora.


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Spitsbergen or Svalbard, has a surprisingly diversified scenery, such as tundra, glaciers, fjords and mountains with peaks higher than 5,000 feet in the west. You will visit many remote parts, where you will have the chance to observe Arctic fox and deer and thousands of seabirds like the colourful puffin, Arctic skua, barnacle geese, long-tailed duck, red throated divers and guillemots. On specific Spitsbergen trips there will be a unique opportunity to dive these waters and explore the fascinating undenvater icefloes and marine wildlife of the Arctic.


The Scottish Islands are a suitable place for hikers and ornithologists, with wild scenery and interesting archaeological remains, which date back to Celtic times. Breathtaking cliffs with thousands of seabrids, such as Great Skuas, Arctic Skuas, guillemots, puffins, kittiwakes and storm petrels can be seen. Grey seals may be spotted on certain landings.


These rather isolated locations in the North Atlantic are ideal for expeditions by ship. On the Faroes, you can observe large colonies of seabirds. The landscape on Jan Mayen is dominated by the still active volcano, Berenberg.


These unique voyages start in Europe and end in South America or vice versa. During our northbound voyage in the springtime, remote islands such as Tristan da Cunha, St. Helena, Ascension and Cape Verde are visited. In Autumn, on our Southbound voyage, we may also visit the Azores, Mauritania and Trindade in Brazil. Many of the islands are of volcanic origin, with impressive craters and odd rock formations.


CLASSIC CRUISES & WORLD ADVENTURES - Operate a number of  different vessels throughout the season covering all the above areas.  Cruises vary in duration depending on the area visited. For the latest availability, prices  and special offers please contact  info@galapagoscruises.co.uk


This site is Sample Tours and Boats, more information being added all the time so if you can't find the tour you want then contact Ania Mudrewicz   by E-mail:- galapagos@btinternet.com at Galapagos Classic Cruises. The Web Site is in the process of being updated and reconstructed.  Other destinations apart from Galapagos are:  Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Easter Island, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Falkland Islands, Antarctica, the  Arctic, Pitcairn, French Polynesia, the Marquesas, Fiji, Tonga and Papua New Guinea.  For something a bit closer, cruises to Croatia and Turkey are also on offer.